Fw: ppc64 drivers???

linas at austin.ibm.com linas at austin.ibm.com
Fri Jul 11 03:11:40 EST 2003

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 09:46:48AM -0700, Raghava Vatsavayi wrote:
> 1) I thought ppc64 was a big endian machine.
>    But ppc64 machine recognises one of my hardware
>    devices only if settings on device are little
>    endian  mode only. correct me if I am wrong??

What device?
The arch/ppc64 code performs byte swapping so that it can talk to
little-endian devices.  Sometimes, this code has bugs: for example,
until recently, there were some byte-swapping bugs for IDE disks
in the ppc64 2.4 kernel.


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