Intefacing SD Card through SPI for MPC85xx

M Ravi Prakash Reddy mrp_crl at
Thu Sep 11 21:29:48 EST 2008


we have a MPC8541(Freescale PowerPC, PowerQUICC3)  based custom board, we ported linux kernel 2.6.19 on it, and it is working fine.
We used mpc8555_cds_defconfig as our configuration file for compiling the kernel.
Now we want to connect SD card through SPI interface to our board. Drivers for both SPI and MMC/SD card are present in the kernel.
But none of the evaluation boards for MPC85XX has interfaced SD card through SPI, so we are facing problems in configuring the SD card
through SPI. Let us know the steps to configure the SD card.

Thanks in advance

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