Performance questions about SATA-ports MPC8377

Rini van Zetten rini at
Thu Oct 30 07:13:47 EST 2008

Hello List,

We do have some issues with the SATA ports on the Freescale MPC8377. The problem is that the read performance collapsed when both sata ports 
are used simultaneously.

Reading from one disk gives about 90 - MB/sec
Reading from a raid-0 system gives about 80 MB sec. ( same test on a 
intel computer gives 160 MB/sec)
Reading from two disks simultaneously gives about 40 MB/sec / disk

We use the linux 2.6.26-6 kernel.

questions :

1) Is this a known issue ?
2) Should the hardware be able to simultaneously read from both ports ?
3) Where can i find the latest linux driver available for the SATA port ?
4) Do you have any tips to increase the performance on the SATA ports ?


Rini van Zetten,
ARVOO Engineering B.V.
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