GDB, xilinx ml50x

Brian Hill brian.hill at
Thu Oct 30 06:08:27 EST 2008

I've successfully used GDB with our GIT Linux kernel.  This was with a
root file system I'd created using buildroot
(  Buildroot includes the option to build
a gdbserver ("man gdbserver" for details of how to use this application)
which can be run on the target. The XMD GDB server is most definitely
_not_ suited to debugging a Linux process.  I've used the XMD GDB server
to look at global kernel data structures and the like -- and that is
about all it could be used for.


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> Hi Stuart,
> Most of my work is in the kernel rather than user space, but I've used
> GDB versions a small amount.  I'm copying Brian as he has used it more
> than myself.
> Did you get older versions of GDB to work but not the 6.8?
> Did you build GDB yourself or using prebuilt?
> With regards to using the eabi gdb with the EDK, my understanding (not
> expert) is that the Linux ABI is not the same as EABI such that you
> get some things to work but not all. Sorry for the fuzzy answer there.
> Thanks,
> John
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> > Hello all.  I am having difficulty getting gdb6.8 and gdbserver
> functioning
> > on a xilinx ml507 evaluation board running linux-2.6-xlnx.git.  Has
> anyone
> > done this successfully?  I can get gdb to run a small application
> > hitting a breakpoint (or stepping) results in a dead PPC core.
> > someone has had success with the Xilinx provided
> Is
> > the this and the gdbserver built into XMD intended for debugging
> > applications?  Thanks in advance for your good counsel.
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