XMD to debug Linux kernel 2.6

John Linn John.Linn at xilinx.com
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Hi Ramkumar,


XMD can definitely be used to help debug a kernel.  I use it to dump
registers and to dump memory.  I'm not sure on the TLB entries yet but
will check into it.  I'm sure that XMD does not handle any virtual
address to physical conversions.


I use it to dump the log buff sometimes when the kernel doesn't come up.
You may need to do a RST and then you need to use the physical address
rather than the virtual address (Address - 0xC0000000).


You can do a help in XMD.






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Hi All,

I need to dump the TLB entries, i-cache and d-cache entries on a ML-403
board ( I use a PowerPc based design) using the Xilinx Parallel-4 Cable.
When I download the zImage.elf using dow command on XMD, I m not able to
access the TLB and cache address special memory mappings as displayed by
the XMD. I suspect that XMD only allows the dump for sections inside the
elf file. If its true, then how to access the sections of kernel.

Could XMD be used to debug a linux kernel by dumping the registers,
TLBs, cache entries,etc. Am I missing anything. Any pointers would be
very helpful.

Thanks and Regards,

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