XMD to debug Linux kernel 2.6

Ramkumar J ramkumarj2000 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 02:15:16 EST 2008

Hi All,
I need to dump the TLB entries, i-cache and d-cache entries on a ML-403
board ( I use a PowerPc based design) using the Xilinx Parallel-4 Cable.
When I download the zImage.elf using dow command on XMD, I m not able to
access the TLB and cache address special memory mappings as displayed by the
XMD. I suspect that XMD only allows the dump for sections inside the elf
file. If its true, then how to access the sections of kernel.
Could XMD be used to debug a linux kernel by dumping the registers, TLBs,
cache entries,etc. Am I missing anything. Any pointers would be very

Thanks and Regards,
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