linux 2.6 hangs at __delay function on Viretx 4 board

swamydp swamydp at
Fri Jun 20 02:33:07 EST 2008


Sorry for the late reply. I was busy with another project.

I finally got linux 2.6 to boot on HITECH board. 

Thanks to John Linn for all the pointers to debug the code. I also got the
UARTLITE as console working. I had to disable several macros in
virtex_devices.c to make the kernel boot.

Now I am working on using UART16550 as console which is free at Xilinx after
registration. Thanks to Marc and Stephen for the info.


swamydp wrote:
> I am trying to boot linux 2.6 on HITECH virtex 4(fx60) board. Linux hangs
> at address 0xc00045ec which is in the __udelay function. I am using EDK
> 9.2i and gcc version 4.0.2 for compiling the kernel. The following is the
> boot message from the bootloader. 
> loaded at:     00400000 0054E19C
> board data at: 0054C120 0054C19C
> relocated to:  00404064 004040E0
> zimage at:     00404E55 0054B5B4
> avail ram:     0054F000 02000000
> Linux/PPC load: console=ttyS0,9600 console=tty0 root=/dev/sda2
> Uncompressing Linux...done.
> Now booting the kernel
> Any help is greatly appreciated. I have run out of ideas to fix this.
> Thanks
> swamy

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