linux 2.6 hangs at __delay function on Viretx 4 board

swamydp swamydp at
Wed Jun 4 13:00:30 EST 2008

Hi John

I am using UARTLITE as serial console. I do not have license for UART 16550.
I have enabled the drivers for uartlite in menuconfig while configuring the
kernel. I have tested all combinations for the kernel command line - tty0,
ttyUL0, ttyl0, ttyS0 but could not get uartlite to output kernel printk

Since I am using uartlite , the following settings are turned off in


I have seen many posts claim that uartlite seems to work with ttyUL0 setting
in the kernel command line but I am having trouble with that.


Hi Swamy,

Sorry for the long delay. Sounds like the console is not setup

I notice in your command line it appears that you have 2 console
statements.  I have not tested this ever and I would change it to only
have the console=ttyS0,9600.  I have seen other mailings, no Xilinx
specific, related to this causing problems.

This console setup assumes you're using the Xilinx 16550 UART.  It could
be an issue with the xparameters*.h file with the address of the UART.

Have you compared your arch/ppc/platforms/4xx/xparameters/xparameters*.h
file, whichever one it's setup to use, to the ones that we provided in
the Git tree?

I'm assuming you have the kernel configured correctly to use the
UART16550 driver and the console is turned on, both are needed.  The
16550 is 8250 compatible (mostly) and works with it's driver from Linux.



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