problem with CF

raul.moreno at raul.moreno at
Wed Jan 16 01:49:28 EST 2008


I am trying to use a compact Flash (CF) throu PCMCIA. So I selected the
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECS and CONFIG_PCMCIA_M8XX kernel options, but not the
The  problem occurs when I insert the CF, because the ide_config fails:
      ide-cs: ide_register() 0x  0 & 0x  e, irq 7 failed

I think the issue is in the idecs_register function that always returns -1.
I guess the problem is the two first parameter of this function (io_base
and ctl_base are 0x0 and 0xe respectively), but I don't know if it must be
so or what values they must have.

I am using a MPC866 with a linux kernel 2.6.22.

I would thank some help.

Raúl Moreno

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