Problem booting Linux 2.6 on Virtex-4

Enno Lübbers enno.luebbers at
Tue Jan 15 18:24:23 EST 2008

Hi David,

Am 15.01.2008 um 01:14 schrieb David Baird:

> Today, I tried a completely fresh design in EDK 9.2i (whereas I had
> been using 9.1i).  I tried the design found in
> EDKexamples/  This design works :-)  I am
> not sure why it works (or rather, why the other one did not work), but
> it works.

I'm using EDK 9.1i  with the reference design from the Xilinx website ( 
. This one is using a PLB BRAM controller for the bootup code section,  
not an OCM BRAM. Maybe there's something wrong with the OCM  
controller? Though OCM is not cached at all...

Anyway, glad it worked out.

- Enno

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