TLB Miss booting linux kernel on ppc 405

David Baird dhbaird at
Fri Feb 22 05:04:41 EST 2008

Hi Robert,

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 2:24 PM, Robert Woodworth
<rwoodworth at> wrote:
>  I'm under the suspicion that the PLB is issuing an error when switching
>  to virtual mode and that there is either a timing/synthesis error or a
>  fundamental error with the way the FPGA is getting synthesized with the
>  PLB.

Can you offer a suggestion how I can check to see if the PLB is
issuing an error (a good application note for me to read or anything)?
 I was having a similar problem in virtual mode on one of my systems,
and I might be able to see also if I am having a problem with the PLB


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