TLB Miss booting linux kernel on ppc 405

David Baird dhbaird at
Fri Feb 22 05:00:41 EST 2008

On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Ricardo Ayres Severo
<severo.ricardo at> wrote:
>  I rebuilt the design in EDK 9.2i and problem persisted. The only
>  difference is the registers are not zeroing anymore. No exception is
>  thrown, and the system still hangs at memset_io. I'm running out of
>  options.
>  It is possible to boot Linux on Virtex-II, isn't?

Yes, it is possible.  I have a Virtex-II Pro with Linux running on it
although I didn't configure it myself (it is one of those Black Dog
computers).  I work with Virtex-4s right now.

Can you try a reference design for the Virtex-II perhaps?

Can you comment out memset_io and write your own version of it (which
you can insert debug statements into)?

When/where in memset are things breaking?  What is the nature of the
breaking?  Can you get your serial terminal to print out hex values
(for memory locations, memory values, etc.)?

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