TLB Miss booting linux kernel on ppc 405

Ricardo Ayres Severo severo.ricardo at
Fri Feb 22 04:50:01 EST 2008

Hi David,

I rebuilt the design in EDK 9.2i and problem persisted. The only
difference is the registers are not zeroing anymore. No exception is
thrown, and the system still hangs at memset_io. I'm running out of
It is possible to boot Linux on Virtex-II, isn't?


On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 7:47 PM, David Baird <dhbaird at> wrote:
> Hi Ricardo,
>  On Feb 20, 2008 2:29 PM, Ricardo Ayres Severo <severo.ricardo at> wrote:
>  > I didn't solve the problem yet. I'm having problems with the memset_io
>  > in early_init and am studying if the SDRAM is initializing right.
>  > Any progress I'll send to the list.
>  It sounds suspiciously like you might be having this problem:
>     "Things start to go obviously wrong after early_init calls memset to
>     clear the .bss section."
>  I don't know what the cause of the problem was, but the symptom is
>  that different memory regions were aliased onto each other (it was
>  like an address bit wasn't working or something funny was happening
>  with the cache ... but only in virtual mode).  The problem was fixed
>  after rebuilding the design in EDK 9.2i.  I don't know what caused the
>  problem originally though.
>  Let us know if you get this resolved or have more questions...  I
>  might not be able answer, but hopefully someone can help.
>  -David

Ricardo Ayres Severo <severo.ricardo at>

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