SystemACE on Kernel 2.6

Grant Likely grant.likely at
Wed Apr 16 14:57:23 EST 2008

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 7:40 PM, rodolfo <rodolfo at> wrote:
> Hi Grant likely,
>  I got kernel 2.6.20 from and I want boot it on XUP Virtex II Pro

This is an old kernel.  Use a current kernel.

>  University board.
>  I edited the Makefile putting:
>   ARCH? = ppc
>   CROSS_COMPILE? = ppc_4xx-
>  But I can't see anything about SystemACE driver on make menuconfig from
>  this Kernel. How can I add SystemACE controler?

Its in the block device menu

>  I compiled the kernel repeatedly generating a file zImage.elf. I used this
>  file with the genace.tcl from Xilinx and this opt file:
>  -jprog
>  -board user
>  -target ppc_hw
>  -hw implementation/download.bit
>  -elf zImage.elf
>  -configdevice devicenr 1 idcode 0x1127e093 irlength 14 partname xc2vp30
>  -debugdevice devicenr 1 cpunr 1
>  -ace system.ace
>  to generated ace file and put it in FAT16 partition of CF card, like a lot
>  of references in web. But it doesn't works!
>  Which IP cores must be present in my project of the EDK?
>  Still speaking in the EDK Did i have to mark bram with ppc_405_0_bootloop?
>  Did I have to mark bram whit any software project?

- Did you generate an xparameters_ml40x.h in edk and copy it into the
kernel tree?
- you need either a uart16550 or a uartlite for the console
- Make sure the matching serial driver is compiled into the kernel
- Make sure console support is enabled for the serial driver
- Make sure your kernel boot parameters include 'console=ttyS0,115200'
for uart16550 or 'console=ttyUL0' for uartlite.


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