C67x00 driver and usb keyboard

Robertson, Joseph M. joseph.robertson at sanmina-sci.com
Wed Oct 24 04:43:13 EST 2007


I have everything in the kernel about usb that will compile turned on.  HID, input, mousedev, keybdev, usbcore, c67x00, usbhid.   And yet a keyboard or mouse does not work.  USB memory keys work fine.

c67x00 detects keyboard and mouse, I get messages telling me the correct devices.  But no key strokes or mouse input.  Even cat /dev/input/mice gets nothing.

Kinda getting real tired of everyone saying it should 'just work'.  
Theres a way and a reason how the keyboard works, and something isn't right, it does not work.

Anyone ever have a similar problem?


Joe Robertson
Joseph.Robertson at sanmina-sci.com

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