Linux 2.6 from git.xilinx and XUPV2P

greenlean jmgomez at
Thu Dec 13 04:05:27 EST 2007

greenlean wrote:
> Thanks both for the response, I've allready visited some of the links. 
> Yes, you was right it's easear than I think, my problem was the .config
> file. Now, I have generated it from ml300_defconfig and after some changes
> it compiles, but I've two question:
>  * I've chosen as platform the XUPV2P in Machine Type, instead of ML300,
> so the xparameters file that I'm using is the xparameters_xupv2p.h, but
> the xparameters file generated by the EDK is xparameters_ml300 despite I
> told it to use XUPV2P, so I can't overwrite it... 
> Should I use the xparameters_ml300 generated by EDK or the
> xparameters_xupv2p included in the git kernel tree?.  I can't compile with
> the edk's xparameters_ml300 file because there's some definition that the
> compiler can't find, so I'm using the xparameters_xupv2p.
>  * Second, if I compile using the xparameters_xupv2p, when I do the dow
> command to download the image to the board, the xmd shell tell me:
>    XMD% dow zImage.elf
>            Failed to download ELF file
>       ERROR(1053): UNABLE to Read Elf File. The Elf File Maybe Corrupted
>           : zImage.elf
> Maybe this error is due to the above asumption??. I'll post this second
> one on xilinx-support maybe it's realted with my system.....

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