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Fri Aug 17 13:40:23 EST 2007

the 64260, too.
Now the driver is integrated and runs complete through initialisation=20
bringing up an eth0 device.
The initialisation seams to be ok (no error messages), the device is up=20
and routing information is setup.
Now I try to ping a remote station but I receive nothing and I get no=20
feedback from the remote compter.
As soon as I turn of the net interface (ifconfig eth0 down) I get the=20
message "Tx time out or no link?)
Is there anything else I can check? Any idea what may cause this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help


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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 08:49:46 -0700
From: David Hawkins <dwh at>
Subject: Re: little endian page mapping on PQ3
To: Jose Almeida <jalmeida at>
Cc: Joyeau Sylvain <Sylvain.Joyeau at>,
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Hi Jose,

> I want to do using an mmap() entry point in a driver, in order to map=
> this to the user. Of course in that case ioremap() does not work.
> Any Clue ?

I used the little-endian flag on the Yosemite board (440EP)
to test what the flag did.

Look at the mmap function in pci_io.c.

=09/* PowerPC endian control
=09 * - default is cleared, big-endian
=09 */
=09if (bar->little_endian) {
=09=09pgprot_val(vma->vm_page_prot) |=3D _PAGE_ENDIAN;
=09} else {
=09=09pgprot_val(vma->vm_page_prot) &=3D ~_PAGE_ENDIAN;
=09if (pgprot_val(vma->vm_page_prot) & _PAGE_ENDIAN) {
=09=09LOG_DEBUG("_PAGE_ENDIAN is set\n");
=09} else {
=09=09LOG_DEBUG("_PAGE_ENDIAN is not set\n");

It might be the same for the PQ3 ... at least it'll be
pretty similar.



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