[linux kernel 2.6.19] ethernet driver for Marvell bridge GT-64260

Dale Farnsworth dale at farnsworth.org
Sat Aug 25 02:13:05 EST 2007

> I continue the work of ThomasB to get a linux kernel 2.6.19 up and running
> on a PPC750FX based platform using a GT-64260.
> From Thomas I got a patched mv643xx_eth driver which is ported to support
> the 64260, too.
> Now the driver is integrated and runs complete through initialisation
> bringing up an eth0 device.
> The initialisation seams to be ok (no error messages), the device is up
> and routing information is setup.
> Now I try to ping a remote station but I receive nothing and I get no
> feedback from the remote compter.
> As soon as I turn of the net interface (ifconfig eth0 down) I get the
> message "Tx time out or no link?)
> Is there anything else I can check? Any idea what may cause this problem?

Steven Hill posted his patch series merging gt64260 ethernet support to
the netdev mailing list last month.  You might look at:


and related patches.

The differences between 64260 and 64360 are so large that they are
unlikely to be merged into a single driver, but a separate driver
is a possibility if someone steps up to do the work.


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