[linux kernel 2.6.19] ethernet driver for Marvell bridge GT-64260

joachim.bader at diehl-aerospace.de joachim.bader at diehl-aerospace.de
Fri Aug 24 23:51:33 EST 2007

Hello everybody,

I continue the work of ThomasB to get a linux kernel 2.6.19 up and running 
on a PPC750FX based platform using a GT-64260.
From Thomas I got a patched mv643xx_eth driver which is ported to support 
the 64260, too.
Now the driver is integrated and runs complete through initialisation 
bringing up an eth0 device.
The initialisation seams to be ok (no error messages), the device is up 
and routing information is setup.
Now I try to ping a remote station but I receive nothing and I get no 
feedback from the remote compter.
As soon as I turn of the net interface (ifconfig eth0 down) I get the 
message "Tx time out or no link?)
Is there anything else I can check? Any idea what may cause this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help


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