Driver for device behind a PCI-VME bridge

Konstantin Boyanov kkboyanov at
Thu Aug 23 17:47:45 EST 2007

Hi again,

First of all thanks for reply.

> I attached a diff to the 3.7 version of the Motorola patch. I hope this
> will help you. This is not the Xenomai version, but the standard version
> with VME interrupts per level. The mechanism for Xenomai is identical,
> but I don't know yet about the legal status of this. The attached patch
> has also been provided to Motorola.

I've got the 3.5 version of the driver, and tried to find newer one. Where
do you get this new releases and patches?
Nevertheless thanks for the patch.

I also had some ssh problems, but AFAICR I had to enable UNIX98PTYS and
> BSDPTYS, and create the entries in /dev/ for the BSD ptys (/dev/ttypXX
> and /dev/ptyXX).

I also had these two options enabled, but still the kernel hangs at boot
time just after trying to initialize SCSI devices... Without Xenomai this
problem doesn't occur. I'm wondering what is that makes Xenomai mess up
things so badly?

Best regards,
Konstantin Boyanov
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