RE: Device Tree tool [was RE: [PATCH] Consolidate XILINX_VIRTEXboardsupport]

Michal Simek Monstr at
Wed Aug 15 16:41:33 EST 2007


>I've managed to get the first step working: a microblaze system
>advertising of_devices in 2.6 using a flat device tree.  

It's great news.

>Is there a concensus on how microblaze systems should get booted?
>I'm linking the device tree directly into the kernel itself, loading the
>mess using SystemAce and the start address jumps directly into the
>kernel, which
>is quite a bit different than the way powerpc works.  It's certainly
>maybe too simple.  At the same time, replicating
>the complexity of arch/powerpc with separate boot code may or may not be
>worth it...
>Any thoughts?

Microblaze can be boot via U-BOOT. U-BOOT supports FDT for some PowerPC boards.
I would like to help with this part of bootloader code. 

Do you have any EDK script for generation FDT? 

Best regards,
Michal Simek

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