Best Linux tree for Xilinx support.

Leonid Leonid at
Tue Aug 14 12:47:35 EST 2007


I have several boards with different architectures (Microblaze, PPC),
running Linux/uClinux and using Xilinx IP cores. I use both Virtex and
Spartan FPGAs.

Historically I'm using different kernels for them, starting from uClinux
2.4, all way through Linux 2.6.16 and 2.6.19. I patched them here and
there to get working.

I certainly feel a need to move to some standard kernel tree.

I understand that you guys are in some advanced steps of integrating
Xilinx into Linux. What would be my best choice of Linux kernel now?

I see the following options:

- download some GIT tree your are using (which one?).
- get latest tree from and patch it using your patches (where
I can get them?).
- ??

Please advise,



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