ML403 / ALSA driver for AC97 Controller

Grant Likely grant.likely at
Mon Aug 6 00:20:10 EST 2007

On 8/5/07, Grant Likely <grant.likely at> wrote:
> On 8/5/07, Joachim Förster <mls.JOFT at> wrote:
> > tag v2.6.22 (Linus)
> > branch master (Linus)
> > branch virtex-dev (your v2.6.22 based branch)
> >
> > I had to make different patches, because one version didn't apply
> > cleanly to the other branches, due to differences in a Kconfig file e.g.
> > and above all in the virtex_devices.c file.
> >
> > Now, my question is: Which one should I post to the mailing list? (after
> > testing these patches - I haven't got a chance yet to test them on real
> > hardware - compilation is ok).
> Post the one against master, ultimately that's where the code needs to
> go.  I'll take care of any conflicts with my tree, and v2.6.22 is
> irrelevant (at least as far as getting things into mainline is
> concerned).  :-)
> >
> > One more thing: I made two parts, one patch adds the driver and the
> > other one makes the registration with the platform bus. Is this ok? (I
> > saw this scheme in your virtex-dev branch.)
> Absolutely!  Splitting it up into logical changes is the right way to do it.
> > Meanwhile, I had a _very_ short look into ASoC ... and I don't really
> > know ... My driver already uses the AC97 Layer of ALSA, so in some way
> > the codec is already separated from the controller. Xilinx' AC97
> > Controller Reference does have some very bad impact on the codec which
> > forced me to implement codec register shadowing ... hmmmm, I have to
> > look at it (ASoC) again - as soon as there is more (free)time ...
> Heh, okay.  I haven't dug into ASoC either, so I can't make too many comments.

One more thing; make sure you CC the ALSA list when you post.


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