8xx SMC1 problem

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Mar 17 07:10:03 EST 2006

In message <004B1D7A5257174C9044A1B7BD0E60ED0178CC68 at ratatosk.combitechsystems.com> you wrote:
> First of, I have three serial ports (SMC1, SMC2 and SCC3) and they all work
>  fine when the console is on SMC1. I have gadgets connected to SMC2 and SCC
> 3 and now I need SMC1 for yet another device. So I have undefined CONFIG_SE
> RIAL_CONSOLE in the kernel config and I jump out of u-boot (which have the
> console on SMC1) with the argument "console=none".

And did you make sure that no other process is accessing ttyS0 ?

> When logging in (via telnet) ttyS0 works no more (but S1 and S2 does). At r
> andom bootups, it is possible to open the port but it is no good for read o
> r write.
> Can anybody give me some advise on how to enable SMC1 but at the same time
> don't have a console on it?

We did the same (passing console=null) in a couple of  configurations
and  had  no  problems  using SMC1 as standard serial port. Try *not*

And please keep your line length < 72 characters or so.

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