8xx SMC1 problem

Björn Östby Bjorn.Ostby at combitech.se
Fri Mar 17 04:23:46 EST 2006

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding the serial init of ttyS0 on a tqm8xx based board (823) in denx kernel 2.4.25.

First of, I have three serial ports (SMC1, SMC2 and SCC3) and they all work fine when the console is on SMC1. I have gadgets connected to SMC2 and SCC3 and now I need SMC1 for yet another device. So I have undefined CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE in the kernel config and I jump out of u-boot (which have the console on SMC1) with the argument "console=none".
When logging in (via telnet) ttyS0 works no more (but S1 and S2 does). At random bootups, it is possible to open the port but it is no good for read or write.

Can anybody give me some advise on how to enable SMC1 but at the same time don't have a console on it?


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