uboot environment variables size for Yosemite board.

Leonid Leonid at a-k-a.net
Mon Jul 17 15:09:04 EST 2006



I'm using uboot-1.1.4 for AMCC PPC440E Yosemite board. I've downloaded
this uboot from DENX site. It uses EEPROM to store environment
variables. Since EEPROM on Yosemite board is only 512 bytes, there can
not be more environment variables which is not very convenient.


There is theoretical possibility to save these variables on flash (64M
from which I use only part) and yosemite.h header file even has defines,
allowing this option. But is it going work in reality? What is simplest
way for Yosemite board to increase environment variables storage space?





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