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Grant Likely wrote:
> On 7/14/06, David H. Lynch Jr. <dhlii at> wrote:
> AFAIK, yes you will have to repatch every time; I typically write a
> little helper script to lessen the pain:
> git bisect good|bad # depends on whether it works or not
> patch < [patchfile]
> compile, test, etc
> cg restore -f     # Remove the patches
> git bisect good|bad   # lather, rinse, repeate
    Alright, I have bisected my way down to the problem.
    Well sort of.
    I think the real problem I started looking for eventually got fixed
in the kernel tree on its own.

    But I did find a real problem. I have found my own work around - but
this problem may effect others.

    The zlib library was updated within the past month.
    The new zlib code does not work in my environment.
    I have guesses as to why, but I am not a zlib expert and not looking
to be one.
    I have solved my personal problem by reverting to the older zlib code.
    With that I have 2.6.18-rc4 or whatever is in the linux-2.6 git tree
as of today working for me.
    I was stuck at before.
    So my questions:

    How/where do I report a problem ? I would be perfectly happy to help
whoever is responsible for zlib to work this out.
    But I am not up to doing it myself.

    git bisect got me down to a good/bad scenario. But I could not
provoke git to either pull the offending patch or export the change as a
patch so that I could back it out myself.
    Now that the final git bisect screen is gone all I have (besides a
fixed 2.6.18-xx kernel) is I guess the sha has number for the particular
    I suspect that would have been enough to yank just that patch but I
googled every permutation of git backout or similar things I could think
of and browsed the git tutorials etc.
    and could not seem to decipher how to do anything usefull with the
sha id of a single patch.
    I am sure that is a knowledge problem.

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