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Grant Likely grant.likely at
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On 7/16/06, David H. Lynch Jr. <dhlii at> wrote:
>     The zlib library was updated within the past month.
>     The new zlib code does not work in my environment.
>     I have guesses as to why, but I am not a zlib expert and not looking
> to be one.
>     I have solved my personal problem by reverting to the older zlib code.
>     With that I have 2.6.18-rc4 or whatever is in the linux-2.6 git tree
> as of today working for me.
>     I was stuck at before.
>     So my questions:
>     How/where do I report a problem ? I would be perfectly happy to help
> whoever is responsible for zlib to work this out.
>     But I am not up to doing it myself.

Once you've got the patch extracted (see below); post it to the lkml
with a description of your symptoms and what you are trying to do.
(or post it here, and if nobody knows; then move over to the lkml)

>     git bisect got me down to a good/bad scenario. But I could not
> provoke git to either pull the offending patch or export the change as a
> patch so that I could back it out myself.
>     Now that the final git bisect screen is gone all I have (besides a
> fixed 2.6.18-xx kernel) is I guess the sha has number for the particular
> commit.

git-format-patch <good_sha1>..<bad_sha1>

for example:
$ git-format-patch

extracts a single patch file for the
PCI-Error-handling-on-PCI-device-resume.txt commit.  If there are more
than one commits between <good_sha1> and <bad_sha1>, then you'll get
more than one patch file extracted.

Then, you can apply the patch reversed to backout the change.

>     I suspect that would have been enough to yank just that patch but I
> googled every permutation of git backout or similar things I could think
> of and browsed the git tutorials etc.
>     and could not seem to decipher how to do anything usefull with the
> sha id of a single patch.

"git-log <sha1>" will give you the history starting at a particular
commit, which is useful for finding the next commit after it for doing
the git-format-patch command.


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