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On 7/14/06, David H. Lynch Jr. <dhlii at> wrote:
>      Thank You git bisect has proven to be incredibly interesting.
>      One question/problem - maybe an incomplete understanding of git.
>      What I need to do is get to some version of 2.6.16 - as they all work
> for me.
>      cut in my patches.
>      And THEN start bisecting while retaining my patches.
>      Is that going to work or am I going to have to repatch each time ?

AFAIK, yes you will have to repatch every time; I typically write a
little helper script to lessen the pain:

git bisect good|bad # depends on whether it works or not
patch < [patchfile]
compile, test, etc
cg restore -f     # Remove the patches
git bisect good|bad   # lather, rinse, repeate

>      Basically can I use git to insert a patch into the middle of its delta
> history and then advance forward from there ?

I don't think so; no automatically; but if you don't commit your
changes then it's easy to drop the change the patch makes.

git-rebase does something similar to what you're trying to do; but
it's complex to use (especially if there are conflicts) and might
conflict w/ the git-bisect tool

>      It is rapidly becoming obvious that competence with git could have big
> payback.



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