[JOB] Senior Embedded Linux Video Engineer

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Jul 17 01:12:46 EST 2006

In message <44B7E508.7020700 at freescale.com> you wrote:
> otherwise unnoticed). Hell, if the subject header was appropriately 
> keyworded - Wolfgang could even procmail it to /dev/null ;-)

Please don't try to reinvent Usenet  netiquette,  poorly.  Commercial
ads, job ofers and the like have always been banned. It's just lately
that nobody remembers the good old days any more and everybody thinks
he can force his ideas over everybody else.

If there is demand for job  offer  postings,  then  these  should  be
handled on a separate mailing list.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

You young'uns. That was *long* before AltaVista,  DejaNews,  or  even
(gasp) the *Web*! In fact, we typed that thread on steam-powered card
punchers, and shipped it around via Pony Express.
            -- Randal Schwartz in <8cwww1cd0d.fsf at gadget.cscaper.com>

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