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David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at dlasys.net
Mon Jul 17 11:12:47 EST 2006

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <44B7E508.7020700 at freescale.com> you wrote:
>> otherwise unnoticed). Hell, if the subject header was appropriately 
>> keyworded - Wolfgang could even procmail it to /dev/null ;-)
> Please don't try to reinvent Usenet  netiquette,  poorly.  Commercial
> ads, job ofers and the like have always been banned. It's just lately
> that nobody remembers the good old days any more and everybody thinks
> he can force his ideas over everybody else.
    Atleast where I am reading it this is a mailing list not Usenet.
    Each group/list has always had its own acceptable use policies.
    I can trivially think of several with vastly different ones than
    And there are still flamewars over minor issues of netiquette.

    There are many many things wrong with the internet today - but as
with everything else - the good old days often look better after the fact.
    I do not know how long linuxppc-embedded has been arround, but I am
certain if you go back far enough there were not enough people with
internet access and the appropriate skills to form many of the focused
lists we have today.

    5 years ago, I got much less spam than today. But 5 years ago, I
could not throw away all my reference books and just use google and
other search engines to look up virtually anything.
    Today, the problem is not so much getting an answer to a question,
but finding the answer in the noise.
    I do not want to dwell on this - I am prone to pine for the good old
days myself. I can rant about plenty of modern evils in the internet and
elsewhere. But I do nto trully want to go back. I want what I have now
AND some of what I had then.

    One of the things I want out of the internet NOW, is tools to help
me persue my dreams and my lifestyle.

    Wolfgang, seems to have gotten there before me, built the skills,
contacts, and reputation and I hope he is doing well. I had been doing
other things with my life and they did nto work out.
    Now I am trying to parlay my skills into consulting work that lets
me do the work I want and keep the lifestyle I want.
    Only I do not have the 25 years of industry contacts I would have
had I taken a different route, and I want to use the internet as a means
to mitigate that.

    I have no problems banning job posting from this list.
    But I do beleive there needs to be some place for them.
    Personally I would like to see separate lists for traditional "jobs"
and consulting - with recruiters and contract employment postings banned
from the latter.
    But I will live with whatever comes about.


> If there is demand for job  offer  postings,  then  these  should  be
> handled on a separate mailing list.

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