[JOB] Senior Embedded Linux Video Engineer

Geoff Thorpe Geoff.Thorpe at freescale.com
Sat Jul 15 04:40:08 EST 2006

Olof Johansson wrote:

>Personally, I don't mind getting the ads just to know who is growing
>out there and so on, but I don't want them sorted into the folder with
>technical stuff, and I don't want to rely on people tagging the subject

In this case, a list moderator was contacted prior to the post. So... 
why not just extend the idea and have potential employers[1] provide 
their "openings" (erm) to such a moderator who sends a not-too-frequent 
digest to the list encapsulating any/all such offerings. That way, the 
subject *will* be tagged correctly, the rate of "off-topic" postings is 
inherently throttled/coalesced, and anyone who might be remotely 
interested will be exposed to such opportunities without having to 
actively go searching (ipso facto, those HR types will be less inclined 
to carpet-bomb the entire internet for fear that their offerings go 
otherwise unnoticed). Hell, if the subject header was appropriately 
keyworded - Wolfgang could even procmail it to /dev/null ;-)

[1] this could also cover other commercial/potential-list-abuse subjects 
like speaking engagements, survey requests, [tbd]. If it got too big, it 
could be replaced with a summary of headings and URLs. Whatever.

Just my first-glance $0.02,

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