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Grant Likely wrote:
> On 6/28/06, David H. Lynch Jr. <dhlii at> wrote:
>>     The bsp I am working on works with but fails with 2.6.17.
>>     How can I find the individual patches that make up the transition
>> from to 2.6.17 ?
> Unfortunately, there isn't a direct line between .16.21 and .17 which
> makes it complicated.  Does your bsp work with .16?  If so; you can
> use the 'git bisect' command to figure out exactly where the
> regression occured.
> If it doesn't work on .16; you can do a bisect between .16 and .16.21
> to figure out what patch is missing between .16 and .17.
> $ git bisect good v2.6.16
> $ git bisect bad           # the head of the tree
> compile, test, etc.
> $ git bisect good|bad    # depends on whether it works or not
> compile, test, etc
> $ git bisect good|bad    # you get the idea... repeat until it's narrowed down
> $ git log                          # see where you are in the git tree.
    Thank You git bisect has proven to be incredibly interesting.

    One question/problem - maybe an incomplete understanding of git.
    What I need to do is get to some version of 2.6.16 - as they all
work for me.

    cut in my patches.

    And THEN start bisecting while retaining my patches.

    Is that going to work or am I going to have to repatch each time ?

    Basically can I use git to insert a patch into the middle of its
delta history and then advance forward from there ?

    It is rapidly becoming obvious that competence with git could have
big payback.



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