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David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at dlasys.net
Sat Jul 15 13:23:54 EST 2006

Tim Bird wrote:
> Olof Johansson wrote:
>> Ick. Why not just create a linuxppc-jobs at ozlabs org instead of hiding it
>> somewhere in the CELF organization...?
> Well, it would be either a public list or on CELF's public wiki.
> I'm not sure how this would be "hiding it".
>  -- Tim
    Aparently there are people that do not want job related postings of
any kind on this list.

    I can respect that. To the same extent there are those of us who are
looking for work and appreciate means to get the work we love instead of
having to take the work we can get.

    I have my own personal worries about even a job list. There are a
plethora of jobsites. And I can trivially do a search for Embedded Linux
and get a plethora of job oportunities.
    But they are all employment - primarily contract employment. There
seem to be no resources available for those of us looking for actual
consulting work.

    I mean you would think this would be the ultimate consulting task -
give me a board and a few weeks without sleep and I will bring forth
Linux for you.

    Anyway, we all have our preferences. I would love to see an embedded
Linux Consultants list that was chock full of consulting oportunities.
    I would bring it up myself - but my ISP basically sucks, and I can
not even host a decent web site for my own consulting business.
    I would even be willing to risk its being overrun with employment,
and contract for hire, and contract employment gigs that have zero
appeal to me - but may be of
    interest to others here.

    I would NOT restrict it to PPC's. I come to linuxppc-embedded to
look for ppc information. But I will do embedded linux work of any kind
that will pay the mortgage - heck, I would do web programming rather
than rejoin the rat race.

    Unfortunately the rats are looming.

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