Problems dynamically linking busybox with ppc libs.

Keith Redfern keith.redfern at
Wed Aug 16 18:53:04 EST 2006

I am trying to dynamically link busybox with the correct libraries but

run into problems with directory paths and CC/LD flags.

I am using the toolchain supplied with ELDK and my target board is

ppc_8xx based. The busybox version that I am using is 1.1.3.


I see the following in Rules.mak and have been trying different variable

options but with no success.


# To compile vs some other alternative libc, you may need to use/adjust

# the following lines to meet your needs...


# If you are using Red Hat 6.x with the compatible RPMs (for developing


# Red Hat 5.x and glibc 2.0) uncomment the following.  Be sure to read


# using the compatible RPMs (compat-*) at !



# For other libraries, you are on your own.  But these may (or may not)




#CROSS_CFLAGS+=-nostdinc -I$(LIBCDIR)/include -I$(GCCINCDIR)


#GCCINCDIR:=$(shell gcc -print-search-dirs | sed -ne "s/install:




# For other libraries, you are on your own.  But these may (or may not)




Is this the correct place to make modifications?

Has anyone already figured the changes required to get this to work with

ELDK toolchain?

Any insight would be useful.



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