Problems dynamically linking busybox with ppc libs.

Ben Warren bwarren at
Thu Aug 17 00:13:21 EST 2006


On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 10:53 +0200, Keith Redfern wrote:
> I am trying to dynamically link busybox with the correct libraries but
> run into problems with directory paths and CC/LD flags.
> I am using the toolchain supplied with ELDK and my target board is
> ppc_8xx based. The busybox version that I am using is 1.1.3.
> Is this the correct place to make modifications?
> Has anyone already figured the changes required to get this to work
> with ELDK toolchain?
> Any insight would be useful.
> ...…Keith

I have busybox 1.2 building under ELDK 4.0, and didn't mess at all with
the Make system, and am building for a ppc_6xx- target.  I realize this
isn't quite your setup, but is pretty close.

As long as you have the tools listed in your PATH (in my
case /opt/tools/eldk4.0/usr/bin:/opt/tools/eldk4.0/bin), you should be
able to build fine using 'make menuconfig'.  Just go to 'Busybox
Settings->Build Options' and select 'Do you want to build BusyBox with a
Cross Compiler?', in your case entering 'ppc_8xx-' or whatever the
prefix is for your CPU.


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