hoe to define CPM_MAP_ADDR ?

jie han jiehanca at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Aug 16 13:24:19 EST 2006

I am trying to take a working embedded linux system from kernel 2.4 to 
2.6. The hardware is a custom board using a MPC8270 processor.
The working system uses u-boot 1.1.1 with linux kernel 2.4.24.
I am using the same u-boot and I am trying to port linux kernel 2.6.15 
to our platform. I just wonder hwo to define CPM_MAP_ADDR to my config file
at /arch/ppc/platforms/olt8270.h,thsi show file context as follow

#ifndef __OLT8270_PLATFORM
#define __OLT8270_PLATFORM

//#define CPM_MAP_ADDR  ((uint)0xf0000000)
#define IMAP_ADDR  ((uint)0xf0000000)

#define BOOTROM_RESTART_ADDR ((uint)0xfff00100)

/* For our show_cpuinfo hooks. */
#define CPUINFO_VENDOR  "Ocean Broadband Ltd"
#define CPUINFO_MACHINE  "OLT8270 PowerPC"

/* A Board Information structure that is given to a program when
 * prom starts it up.
typedef struct bd_info {
 unsigned long bi_memstart; /* Memory start address */
 unsigned long bi_memsize;     /* Memory (end) size in bytes */
 unsigned long bi_flashstart; /* start of FLASH memory */
 unsigned long bi_flashsize; /* size  of FLASH memory */
 unsigned long bi_flashoffset; /* reserved area for startup monitor */
    unsigned long   bi_sramstart;   /* start of SRAM memory */
    unsigned long   bi_sramsize;    /* size of SRAM memory */

 unsigned long bi_immr;     /* IMMR when called from boot rom */

 unsigned long   bi_bootflags;   /* boot flag (for Lynx OS) */

 unsigned long   bi_ip_addr;     /* IP Address */
 unsigned char   bi_enetaddr[6]; /* Ethernet address */
 unsigned short  bi_ethspeed;    /* Ethernet speed in Mbps */

 unsigned long bi_intfreq;     /* Internal Freq, in Hz */
 unsigned long bi_busfreq;     /* Bus Freq, in MHz */
 unsigned long bi_cpmfreq;     /* CPM Freq, in MHz */
 unsigned long bi_brgfreq;     /* BRG Freq, in MHz */
 unsigned long bi_sccfreq;     /* SCC Freq, in MHz */
 unsigned long bi_vco;      /* VCO Out from PLL */
 unsigned long bi_baudrate; /* Default console baud rate */
} bd_t;

extern bd_t m8xx_board_info;

#endif  /* __OLT8270_PLATFORM */



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