Lite5200B and ioctl(SETFLAGS) hangs in mpx5xxx_fec_open() call

Parav Pandit paravpandit at
Wed Aug 9 13:57:13 EST 2006


Please bare through the long mail to explain my

I am working on FEC driver on Lite5200B and facing
issue when I disable the printk()s in the fec_open()
inside arch/ppc/5xxx_io.

I have commented out function call
mii_display_status() inside fec_open().

Due to this, command #ifconfig eth0 hangs
in ioctl(SETFLAGS) command.

Basically Networking stack comes up during booting,
their it opens the fec device and device gets
initialized fine. (Because system boots and doesn't

After than bash shell comes up and when I run ifconfig
eth0, it again re-initializes the device
and hangs in the set_flag()->ioctl(SETFLAGS) function
inside driver.

In kernel space, it goes like this.

Counter part of ioctl(SETFLAGS) gets called and opens
the device. (IFF_UP flag is not set).

Now fec_open() issues mii_do_cmd() for phy_>config,
phy_cmd_config, and then waits for the sequence_done
flag to get set.

But sequence_done flag is not getting set by the
interrupt handler because mii_display_config() is not

Above sequence happens first time during network stack
fec_open() call but not dufing ifconfig.

Its important to note above sequence works in the
first fec_open() but fails in next.

I put the explicit delay of 10ms between
mii_do_cmd(ack_int) and mpc5xxx_fec_restart().

Current configuration is in Half duplex mode on 100M.

I really appreciate your inputs and help in debugging
to me.

Here is code snippet for your quick reference.

        if (!priv->sequence_done) {

                if (!priv->phy) {

                        printk("mpc5xxx_fec_open: PHY
not configured\n");

                        return -ENODEV;         /* No
PHY we understand */


                mii_do_cmd(dev, priv->phy->config);


                mii_do_cmd(dev, phy_cmd_config);  /*
display configuration */


                /* Driver hangs here is below
mii_display_status() call is commented. */

                while(!priv->sequence_done) {




                mii_do_cmd(dev, priv->phy->startup);



                 * Currently, MII link interrupts are
not supported,

                 * so start the 100 msec timer to
monitor the link up event.




                priv->phy_timer_list.expires = jiffies
+ (100 * HZ / 1000);

                priv-> = (unsigned

                priv->phy_timer_list.function =



                if (dev->name!=NULL) {

                        printk("%s: Waiting for the
link to be up...\n", dev->name);



                while (priv->link == 0) {





                /* IF I comment this call, my driver
hangs */


                if (priv->full_duplex == 0) { /* FD is
not negotiated, restart the fec in HD */

                        mpc5xxx_fec_restart(dev, 0);


Parav Pandit

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