question about Linux 2.6 with Xilinx ML-403

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Mon Apr 24 05:00:57 EST 2006

I checked both Torvalds' tree and Paul's tree. I see the defconfig file
for both ml300 and ml403, but I don't see any source files related to
either ml300 or ml403 under the <platforms> subdirectory. Have you done
a complete BSP for either ml300 or ml403?


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On 4/12/06, Martin, Tim <tim.martin at> wrote:
> Grant,
> I know I could probably figure this out by looking at the GIT tree
> directly (which I'm planning to do) but could you summarize how much
> (which devices) of the ML-403 is supported by your patches?
> Serial? (which Xilinx core)
Yes, full uart

> Ethernet? (Hard-Core PLB TEMAC?, Soft-Core PLB EMAC? Localink TEMAC?
> 10/100/1000 supported, or is there only 1 rate e.g. 1000 supported?)

No.  I've ported the 2.4 driver, but I haven't got permission to
release it yet.  (I'm a contractor; I don't own any of the work I do)

> Anything else (GPIO buttons/switches?)
I've got drivers for the PS/2 & VGA, but I'm still trying to get them

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