Choices of 2.4 Kernel for PPC

Stephen Williams steve at
Sat Apr 22 02:32:49 EST 2006

I'd been using the BK tree (I know, old old) but it's been stable
for me for a while. But I'm starting to see so problems and I want
to work with a recent kernel tree. I'm using a PPC405GPr processor.

I downloaded the linux-2.4.32 tree from, but it has
none of the Xilinx stuff so I immediately wonder about other things
it lacks for embedded PPC.

I downloaded the linux 2.4 .git tree from Denx, but the makefile
in top says it's based on 2.4.25, which is even older then what
I've got now.

I've looked on the page, but it points me back
to the distribution and possibly the bk repository.

So what tree is most universally accepted as current so far as
embedded PPC goes? And can the pages be updated
to reflect the consensus?
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