about ppc <asm/string.h>

Becky Bruce Becky.Bruce at freescale.com
Tue Apr 18 04:52:43 EST 2006


There's no string.h in include/asm-ppc because this is one of the  
header files that has been merged between 32 and 64-bit powerpc.  It  
now lives in include/asm-powerpc with all the other merged headers.  
Only headers specific to 32-bit ppc have been left in include/asm- 
ppc.  For a kernel build with ARCH=ppc, the build uses headers from  
both include/asm-ppc and include/asm-powerpc.  This is accomplished  
through the use of a temporary include directory that is created in  
the arch dir.  Check out arch/ppc/Makefile for details.


On Apr 17, 2006, at 2:08 AM, HappyPhot wrote:

> Hi,
>   Under linux kernel, the file /include/linux/string.h will include
> <asm/string.h>.
>   But I didn't found "string.h" under "asm-ppc", my asm is link to  
> asm-ppc
> (CPU is ppc). This makes me compile some code failed.
>   (kernel version 2.6.x)
>   Anybody knows about this ? Why there is no string.h under "asm-ppc"
> directory.
> thanks a lot,
> /Phot
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