Xilinx Virtex-2 PRO FPGA ppc 405 on ML310 board

Aidan Williams aidan at nicta.com.au
Thu Apr 13 08:11:01 EST 2006

Grant Likely wrote:
> If you use 2.4: You need to use rsync to get the linuxppc-2.4 tree
> because I don't think anyone is maintaining .tar.gz of the rsync
> snapshot.  Email Tom Rini and ask him.  The linuxppc-2.4 tree is
> special because it's one of the trees that actually has the ML300
> patches integrated.  Mainline does not.

For 2.4, I've had good success on two different boards
using the v2pro and virtex4 parts with:


The kernel tarball there has support for various xilinx
supplied peripheral cores..

The neat thing about this approach is that there is a
uclinux BSP for the EDK that is used to generate an
auto-config.in file which you then drop directly
into the linux kernel tree.

Even though it is about the microblaze rather than
the PPC, a helpful "getting started" document is:

- aidan

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