ethernet not workingfor u-boot on mpc8280 rattler

vikas mak vikasmakhija14 at
Thu Apr 6 05:58:33 EST 2006

i'm trying to port U-boot on rattler mpc8280 board. u-boot has been ported but its ethernet interface is not running. when i checked mii info command it said error in phy. i tried to reinitialize phy but i'm stuck if anybody could please help 

the u boot output on minicom is as shown
> => mii info 0
> Error reading info from the PHY
> => mii read
> Error reading from the PHY addr=00 reg=00
> => ping
> Using FCC1 ETHERNET device
> ping failed; host is not alive

please help
thanx and regards
Vikas Makhija
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