mpc8xx and LCD

Dan Malek dan at
Fri Sep 30 00:03:31 EST 2005

On Sep 29, 2005, at 2:53 AM, Fend, Matthias wrote:

> At the moment I think we should use a lcd controller from Epson 
> (S1D13700 or S1D13305) since they are
> working on Linux framebuffer device driver for it.

Well, check carefully.  As I recall, those parts have been
discontinued.  Although there is software, you may not be able to
build products once it is done.  I'd suggest looking first at
Fujitsu, and second at Silicon Motion.  Both of these companies
have claimed to be dedicated to providing the embedded
parts for a long time.

> Has anybody else implemented a LCD into a mpc8xx (not 823) board 
> successfully ?

Of course.  It has an internal LCD/video controller, and there should be
drivers in various kernels.


	-- Dan

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