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>>Can you send a couple of links to the modules you are considering?

there are some 320x240 from EDT (Emerging Display Technologies) with S1D13305

also from Powertip a 320x240 with S1D13305/ S1D13704 is available

and also from ampire is one ... (available /w or w/o Epson's S1D controller)


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mpc8xx and LCD>hello,
>We want to use mpc860/855 with a 320x240 graphic lcd module.
>Now there are many possibilities to interface such a module, but I guess
this is not the first time
>someone will need a LCD display. So I'm trying to find out the most common
way to implement the
>desired functionality.
>At the moment I think we should use a lcd controller from Epson (S1D13700
or S1D13305) since they are
>working on Linux framebuffer device driver for it. But I'm not sure how to
design the hardware interface ... all
>the LCD modules I found provide only a reduced number of port pins so that
the controller only can be used
>in indirect-mode, so I'm not sure whether to connect the module directly to
the CPUs bus or use some
>GPIO pins for this...
>Has anybody else implemented a LCD into a mpc8xx (not 823) board
successfully ?
>Are there some good resources somewhere in the web about this topic ?
>thanks for your recommendations,
> mattthias

Can you send a couple of links to the modules you are considering?

Mark Chambers

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