How to use SPE on MPC8541

Fillod Stephane stephane.fillod at
Wed Sep 28 18:12:04 EST 2005

Bonjour Gérard,

Gérard Guével wrote:
>I don't especially want to see if the bit is set, I just want
>to improve the board performance for a Linux application :-).

Do you know where your CPU is spending much of its time?
It looks like a job for OProfile. Support for e500 exists in 2.6.x 
thanks to the fine folks of Freescale. We appreciate their involvement 
in OSS community.

>To check the performance, I used the Dhrystone 2.1 benchmark 

I like the lmbench microbenchmark too. It depends on what profile
is your application (instruction mix, library calls, cache usage, paging,..)

>with the standard glibc (strcpy, strcmp, ...) on one part, and with
>the freescale SPE library on the other part (vstrcpy, vstrcmp, ...).

Will the SPE enhanced C library calls will be integrated in Glibc one day? 


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