How to use SPE on MPC8541

Gérard Guével gguevel at
Wed Sep 28 01:30:25 EST 2005


I am running a Linux 2.6.9 on a MPC8541 custom board.

I would like to run a user application which contains
some SPE code extracted from a freescale library.

I compiled the kernel with the CONFIG_SPE set to yes.
The application also compiles and I can run it on the

But it seems the SPE bit from the MSR register
is not set when the process runs.

I tried to use a call to the enable_kernel_spe function
to force the bit, but it is always erased by the kernel (??)
when scheduling task and never set again.

Must I compile the application with some special flags
to instruct the kernel I want to use SPE ?

Thanks for any idea

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