Kernel debugging problem on MPC5200.

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Tue Sep 27 18:33:52 EST 2005

Dear Jose,

in message <918EB199DDDFFA42BEA2EB3A1C6021F3628924 at> you wrote:
> We are planning to develop a new product based on a MPC5200 and Linux
> RTAI. So we are evaluating the BDI2000 and we have found some problems
> when we pretend to debug de linux kernel. Starting with U-boot we are
> able to break at start_kernel() and do some steps and software
> breakpoints. But suddenly (inside the init() function) all the memory
> map becomes all 0's and the U-boot reboots. We think could be the

Did you read the processor's errata sheet?
Especially ID 330 "LSRL corrupts XLB Arbiter" ?

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