[PATCH 2/4] [PPC32] Add 440SPe support

Roland Dreier rolandd at cisco.com
Sat Sep 24 08:44:35 EST 2005

    Matt> Please change these new files to ppc440spe.*.  After the new
    Matt> EMAC driver is merged, we are planning a Great Renaming(tm)
    Matt> to make the current filenames be vendor neutral. i.e. ibm4*->ppc4*

OK, I made these changes and rebased to Eugene's EMAC git tree.  This
tree passes some basic tests on my Yucca board.  I just pushed this,
so pending mirror delays, it will be at


I can repost the patchset if anyone wants to see it.

BTW, Eugene, you might want to do a 'git prune-packed' on your git
tree.  It's pretty wasteful to clone your tree now, because you have a
lot of individual objects that also appear in Linus's packs.

 - R.

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