How to add user at linux 2.4.25 with eldk 3.1.1

徐小威的EMAIL rober at
Wed Sep 21 12:07:25 EST 2005

Hi all:

     I used 2.4.25 linux at my custom 852T board, I can telnet into
linux with root user and password is empty. But can't login ftp with
same id and password. 

     How to add a new user at 2.4.25 linux. I used nfs as filesystem

bash-2.05b# ftp
Connected to (
220 FTP server (Version wu-2.6.1(1) Tue Jun 7 14:51:02 MEST
2005) ready.
Name ( root
331 Password required for root.
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.

Best Regards,
Rober Hsu

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